Asesoría Legal especializada en el mercado mexicano.

Nuestros abogados se encargan de cualquier tema legal, para que usted pueda enfocarse en su core business.

Legal Advisory specialized regarding the Mexican Market.

Our lawyers take care of any legal matter, so you can focus on your core-business.

In the past years Mexico has been successfully attracting many companies with foreign investment, given that in Latin America, Mexico is the country that gained approximately fifty percent of these investments. In our international office, we understand the global needs of multinational companies, and we support them from the legal constitution of your company, transformation and even until its liquidation. Our experts in corporate law are happy to advise you, under a specific and precise influenced by German culture scheme, giving you the most remarkable tranquillity and legal security for your operation in the Mexican market.

In the last five years, Mexico obtained an average of 33,712 million dollars (US-Dollar) from Foreign Direct Investments. Investors come mainly from the United States, Spain, Canada, Germany and Japan.
Once you have opened your company, you need to carry out legitimate Corporate Governance. Our Corporate legal area is the most extensive within our group. That is why our corporate lawyers know how to carry out training, structure and planning of all corporate matters, from the constitution and development of the company to a reorganization in case of difficulties within it. Depending on the client's need, we see topics from taxes, intellectual property, labour, commercial contracts, associations (joint ventures), acquisitions of other companies, any change within the company, such as shareholders, board members, capital increase, etc. to develop the client's projects and defend their interests. Likewise, we always offer a personalized service, giving legal assistance in their daily activities.
Our lawyers and technical specialists in Intellectual Property are certified nationally by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and internationally by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in its acronym in English.
We will be happy to support you from consulting to obtaining your property title, invention, innovation or brand. We are experts in the research process for viability and availability, as well as acquiring the ownership of all patents, utility models, trademarks, commercial notices, industrial designs, industrial drawings, commercial image, etc.; carrying out these procedures within Mexico, Europe (EUIPO) and International (WIPO).
Each country has its guidelines to carry out a business scheme in compliance with local, national and international laws. Our specialist lawyers provide comprehensive advice on the structure and implementation of processes that avoid and identify risks, thus increasing your company's development benefits.

The above service goes hand in hand with our Legal Audit service, where we enter into corporate compliance with the regulations applicable to your company. In the Legal Audit, we determine your company's current situation and detect potential risks that may cause an infraction before the authority. Likewise, we provide support in the follow-up of corrective actions and train employees to avoid future oversights.